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Dr. Ernie Tom

Ernie has well over a quarter century of experience in grappling and martial arts. He practiced Kung Fu for a decade, and his interest in grappling led him to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His first BJJ instructor was Rickson Gracie, who promoted him to Blue Belt after one month of training. Ernie continued his training with the world-famous Machado brothers, with Roger Machado as his primary instructor. In 2007 Ernie was promoted by Roger to Black Belt, the first from the RCJ Machado Academy in Pasadena.

Ernie earned a Doctorate in Pharmacy from USC in 1999, demonstrating a deep mastery of the metabolic functioning of the cell -- the fundamental unit of biological activity. Fitness starts at the cellular level. His abiding interest in optimal health and fitness is matched by his dedication to teaching CF and BJJ techniques that positively affect the lifestyles of his students.

His personal fitness, combined with his martial arts expertise, make him the most dangerous man alive.

Nathan Holiday

Nathan's  major focus is on health, fitness and strength development, and his mastery of  skills and  information are matched only by his commitment to further study and understanding. He spent five and a half years in the US Army, 15 months in Baghdad. He was an Infantry Airborne and Air Assault qualified Army Sniper, earned a CIB while deployed, instructed military personnel in areas including overall fitness, strength attainment, nutrition, close quarters combat and shooting.

Nathan is a deeply experienced CrossFit and Olympic Lifting Coach, and is a competitor himself.  His recent CF competition results: 5/9/10, Southwest Regional Qualifier (California, Hawaii, Arizona) - 11th place; 3/13/10, Southern California Crossfit Sectional Qualifier - 9th place; 1/23/10,  OPT's Big Dawg Competition #3 - 2nd place; 4/19/09, SoCal CrossFit Regional Qualifier - 11th place.  His Weightlifting scores are: Snatch, 242 lbs; Clean and Jerk, 300 lbs; Clean, 303 lbs; Jerk, 303 lbs; Overhead Squat, 303 lbs.  All of his training can be found at

Obviously, Nathan is the finest example of human physical perfection that has ever existed. 

Zach Passman

Zach has nearly two decades of strength training experience, with 8 years of competitive Powerlifting. He has earned "Elite" totals in both the 242 and 275 lbs weight classes, and has ranked in the nation’s "Top 10" for 242 lb lifters -- best lifts: 788lb squat, 529lb benchpress, 722lb deadlift, an incredible Powerlifting Total of 2039 lbs.

Zach believes that strength training is the foundation of true athletic performance, and that meaningful strength will benefit virtually any endeavor. He has an evidence-based, no-nonsense approach to training and performance, and his sharp wit adds charm to his authority. He is the strongest man in the world.

Rod Reyes

Rod's martial arts interest started with high school wrestling.  After his military service, in 1998 he earned a black belt in Jang Mu Won Hapkido under its founder, Grandmaster Chong Sung Kim.  He has practiced BJJ since 1995, earning his black belt from Roger Machado in 2009. Therefore, Rod too is the most dangerous man alive.

Jack Holiday, M.Sc.

Jack holds a Master of Science degree in psychology, the study of human behavior, which is the study of motivation. He has tens of thousands of hours of experience as an educator, emphasis on instruction in health and fitness. He received his BJJ blue belt from Roger Machado and his purple and brown belts from Dr. Ernie Tom, and has trained under Freddy Sabbatini and Wander Braga.  He won double gold medals as a blue belt in the 2008 Mundials, the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship.  At an age when most men have settled into flaccid middle age, Jack maintains a profound dedication to physical excellence. His joy in information is infectious.  He is the most fascinating man who has ever lived.